Starting a Building Renovation Blog. . .

My name is Derek.  This will be my blog on the buildings I am currently working on.  Please bear with me as I get started, and I hope this will be fun.

We are working on renovating the farmhouse in Michigan on the left, which we got for $17k, and has the issues one might expect, and a two-flat (2-unit everywhere but Chicago) in the Woodlawn neighborhood in Chicago.

Please let me know what you think.


4 thoughts on “Starting a Building Renovation Blog. . .

      • Ooops. Blushing profusely!

        Well, I try to post regularly, but it’s difficult to come up with posts which are consistently interesting… many of them are kind of meh just because It’s hard to find the time to come up with new material. I wish I could blog full time but it is not a reality. I’m starting on a new renovation project which should provide some new topics to post about, but I really like taking road trips with my camera much more!

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